by fastcomp
We provide solutions for Failure Analysis for Fasteners. Our experienced team have done an analysis of over 30+ cases and attended national as well as international conferences on Failure Analysis.

We manufacture a wide range of fasteners based on the following standards:

German Standards
Indian Standards
Japanese Standards
American Standards
British Standards

Standard Fasteners:


Types:Hexagon Head, Hexagonal Flange , Allen / Socket Head, Square Head , Weld Bolts, Nib Bolts, Countersunk Head , Collar Bolts, Round Head, Shoulder Bolts, Button Head, Six Lobe, Eight Lobe, Carriage Bolt, D-Bolt.

Grade:4.6, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9

Special Fasteners:

  • We make a wide range of Special fasteners as per customer specification.
  • We are experts in manufacturing special fasteners like Connecting Rod bolt, Wheel Hub bolt, Engine bolts and many more.
  • We have the ability to convert any machined parts to Cold-forged components.

Some of the special components are:

  • Engine Bolts
  • Wheel Hub Bolts
  • Connecting Rod Bolts for automotive industry
  • Special purpose Terminal Screws